BUDHUB RADIO is an online radio station/stream and group chat room. The main concept is in the name, Bud Hub, or a hub for buds. It’s a place where a community of buddies can have a central hub to help inspire each other and push the limits of sound.


The hub revolves around DJs and producers who have a weekly time slot where they can connect to the central audio stream. The time slot will encourage participation with the community and thus gain additional traffic to their own sites and projects. Most artists will have a video stream on their own website to where visitors will be able to link to from the hub.


The chat room is the main communication link for all the artists. We encourage everyone to embed the chat room onto their own websites so if a visitor links off of BUDHUBRADIO then they will still be in the same chat room as they travel from one site to site. Most artists are willing to check in with each other from time to time so sharing the chat room will help them stay in the loop and help each other in reaching goals.

copy & paste the EMBED CODE BELOW –

<script id="cid0020000257719638304" data-cfasync="false" async src="//" style="width: 380px;height: 480px;">{"handle":"budhub","arch":"js","styles":{"a":"707070","b":100,"c":"ffffcc","d":"FFFFFF","k":"707070","l":"707070","m":"707070","n":"FFFFFF","p":"9","q":"cc33cc","r":100,"usricon":0.74,"cnrs":"0.66","surl":0,"fwtickm":1}}</script>


The chat room is the main communication link for all the Streaming to BUDHUB Radio is easy if a few simple steps with this tutorial. Anyone interested in being part of the BUDHUB Radio community can sign up anytime. Just contact us with your desired time slot and get your Shoutcast stream encoder ready.

Download FREE Winamp Media Player & Shoutcast DSP encoder here.
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